Painter, sculptor, enamellist, photographer and research scholar, Bangalore, India





In most of my paintings and drawings, childhood memories of folk ritual arts from my village in northern Kerala surge to the surface and flow onto the canvas or paper.

As a sculptor, Iíve realized the scope and limitations of each of the media Iíve used ~ clay, stone, concrete, glassfibre reinforced cement (GRC ), bronze, iron and stone/granite.

Enamel paintings
To me, jewellery enamel painting is twice born because it is both fused and resolidified ~ leading to eternal purity. I work on enamels without the intermediary of an artisan.

I have researched and documented the ritual art forms of the west coast of south India ~ including the Teyyam of northern Kerala and the Bhuta of south Kanara ~ over the past three decades

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